OGURU is a one stop branding shop. It allows business owners and startups to browse and buy custom creative assets. Specifically, at competitive prices, superior quality, quick turnaround time and satisfaction guaranteed.

OGURU was founded in 2019 as a sole proprietorship headquartered in Temecula California, by Creative Director Amgad Elkholy, directly and solely involved in branding and design.

Amgad believes in creating opportunities for businesses to improve. Therefore, he is passionate about his creative role in enhancing a business to the next level.

My own role involves hands-on design, taking the lead on projects, working with my client to create a winning brand. — Creative Director & Founder Amgad Elkholy

Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

Become recognized as one of the most trusted and respected online creative shop in the world.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality custom creative services and assets for small business owners and startups that elevate their brands. As a result, improve their sales and foster growth.

Cover most of the strategic, creative, and production capabilities needed to create an integrated brand. That is to say, brand identity design, graphic design, web design, development, content, digital marketing, advertising, social activation, ensure quality control and adhere to international standards.

Strategy & Approach

My responsibility is to ensure all creative is to world-class standards, every job, big or small should has a multi-channel mindset.

If a presenting person doesn’t believe in the work, there is no reason for clients to care — Amgad Elkholy.

Amgad makes a stand for his own work, presents it and effectively communicates the strategy behind the work.

Brands today need to be agile and can’t be tied down to one medium. With that in mind, clients would want to hire someone who understands how campaigns will play out online and in print.

Values and Ethics

Founder’s Values are central to the business identity, guiding and inspiring in every business practice. On the other hand, Founder’s Code of Business Ethics is an ongoing commitment to maintaining and promoting world-class standards of business integrity and trust.


Loyalty, integrity, uprightness, a complete refusal to use any underhanded method to help win business or gain any kind of advantage. That is to say, neither growth, nor profit nor independence have any real worth unless they are won through complete honesty.


One of the values that underpin strong and mutually beneficial relationships. Further, it is a strong indicator of a self-discipline, resilience and persistence.


The willingness to empower; to have decisions made as close as possible to the point where they will be put into practice. Moreover, have openness toward other people and the widest possible sharing of ideas and information.


Independence in thought, judgment and creativity. Moreover, it implies tolerance for different cultures which is an essential quality.


Feeling proud of what one does, feeling a sense of accomplishment in the search for better quality and greater efficiency, feeling part of a challenging project.


Simplicity does not imply naivety; it is more about being discreet, showing natural modesty, common sense, being attentive to others and taking the trouble to be understood by them. In other words, it is about being frank in work relationships.

Team Spirit

Friendship, fidelity, generosity, fairness in sharing the benefits of collective work; accepting responsibilities and an instinctive willingness to support common efforts.

Meet the Creative Director

Amgad Elkholy has worked in various industries, from Advertising and Marketing to Branding, where he ultimately found his passion for creating exceptional brands and experiences. Therefore, he oversees all internal brand assets, marketing, innovation, and design.

Amgad is Creative Director and Brand Specialist with B.A.A. degree in Design & Publishing. In addition, he has more than 15 years of experience.

Amgad E worked with global renowned brands such as HSBC, Google and Fujitsu. Further, he had gained an extensive experience from working in Los Angeles California.

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OGURU Creative Director & Founder Amgad Elkholy
Creative Director & Founder Amgad Elkholy